How Much Does it Cost to Sell Your Home for Cash?

Selling your home for cash is an increasingly popular method that is saving homeowners from the stress of selling their homes. But how does this process work? And how much does it cost to sell your home this way? To learn how much money you can save by selling your home for cash, consult the list below.

Real Estate Agent Commissions

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of selling your home to a home buying company is that you don’t need to hire a real estate agent to do so. When you sell your home traditionally, a real estate agent is there to help you through the complicated parts of the process, and help you make the right moves to find a buyer. When you sell your home to a home buying company, though, you know the buyer from the beginning. Every step of the process has been simplified and expedited so that you can avoid what usually makes a sale complicated and stressful. Because you no longer need a real estate agent, you also get to keep the money that would have gone to their commission. Instead of forking over 6% of the final selling price, you get to keep it all.

Repair Costs

Another way in which selling your home to a home buying company can save you money is through repair costs. As you live in your home, a certain level of wear and tear is normal. However, when you’re beginning to sell, you need to fix any and all issues before you can sell the home. These small issues can add up to be expensive repairs. If you know your home is in bad condition, the cost of making repairs can be more than you can spend. Instead of dealing with these extra costs, you can sell your home to a home buying company as-is. You’ll never have to repair or update any part of your home before you receive a cash offer. 

Closing Costs

The final big cost associated with selling your home traditionally is closing costs. These are processing fees that you pay at the end of the sale so that the lenders can finalize everything. Depending on the selling price of your home, and the area where you live, these costs can be thousands of dollars. It’s a frustrating amount to spend right at the end of the sale. Once again, selling your home to a home buying company can help you avoid this. Home buying companies pay for your home in cash, so there are no lending fees necessary. If any closing costs do happen to come up, the company guarantees that they will cover them in full. You’ll never have to pay a penny when selling your home to a home buying company for cash.

When you sell your home, the extra fees and commissions that come up can be stressful. Especially if you’re needing to sell your home for financial reasons, these extra costs may make things much more difficult for you. Selling your home to a home buying company helps you sell your house as quickly and easily as possible.

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